never wanted to punch myself in the dick before… now i do

fuck you banjo. 

fuck you.

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  • phone: *rings*
  • me: no

Aokigahara (青木ヶ原?). There are over 100 dead bodies found in the Aokigahara in Japan every year. It’s known as the place where most suicides, after the Golden Gate Bridge, take place. You can wander around and suddenly come across rotten bodies, guns, razor blades, suicide letters nailed on trees. A sign at the forests entry tries to hold people back,”mind your children, mind your parents,talk about your pain”,a phone number of a suicide hotline under it. Even children were found dead in the Forest. Old cars are standing in front of the forest, broken bicycles. There are tents with dead bodies, arms, legs, even eyes in them lying around. A haunting, but fascinating Place.

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